Take the 50% Local September Pledge

Hooray for September! Hooray for local food! At this time of the year we have the most variety, the freshest ingredients and the tastiest of everything Cape Breton has to offer. It’s time to celebrate local this September! When you buy local, the dollars you spend go towards supporting your community and your neighbours. Join us!

We are a group of local food fanatics from the Cape Breton Food Hub, Farmers Markets’ of Nova Scotia, Better Bite Community Kitchen and local businesses who want to create a local celebration all month long! 

You can participate by pledging to make 50% of your purchases from Cape Breton sources, attending a workshop or event, and most importantly buying local! Join our Facebook Group, follow us on Instagram and check out our calendar to stay up to date on all our Local September Celebration Events!

We also need more people businesses and organizations to host events, create celebrations and encourage more localing. Have an idea? Let’s make it happen!