Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join the Food Hub?

1. Create your login: Click here

2. Go to your Account Information page

3. Purchase your Membership

4. Choose your "Customer Distribution Location"

5. Click "update personal information" at bottom of page

Do I need to buy a membership?

Membership fees are yearly and are $50 for both consumer and producer members. You need to add your membership before you place your first order. If the membership fee is preventing you from joining, please contact us.

When can I place my order?

The ordering period is between 12:00 pm on Friday and 2:00 pm on Monday. Feel free to change or add to your order anytime during this period.

When can I pick-up my order?

Your order will be available at your chosen pick-up location on Thursdays between 4 and 6 pm.

Where can I pick-up my order?

You can register to receive your food at one of the following locations: Baddeck, Ingonish, Inverness, New Waterford, North Sydney, Sydney, and Sydney River. For exact locations please scroll to the bottom of our Become A Consumer page.

When can I see the full product list?

The complete list of products is only available between Friday at 12 pm and Monday at 2 pm. If you look at our product list outside of this period, you will not be able to see the full list of items available for that week.

What products will be available each week?

Products are posted to our website each week according to their in-season availability, so we don't have a list in advance. Each week, we have a variety of items ranging from vegetables and fruit, to meat and seafood, breads, and value-added products, including honey, maple syrup, sea salt, jams, jellies, etc.  To give you an idea of what is harvested according to season in the area, please see this chart.

How expensive is food through the food hub?

Prices are comparable to farmers’ markets or the organic food section of the grocery store. Each producer sets their own prices, so prices might vary between supplier.

Where are the products from?

All items sold through the Food Hub are provided by our 40+ producer members located across Cape Breton Island. To learn more about our producer members, click here.

Why buy local?

By minimizing the distance between farm and table, our food has a longer shelf life, a smaller carbon footprint, improved taste, and may have a higher nutrient content. Our producer members harvest only the exact amount that was ordered by consumers, drastically reducing food waste. Also, by purchasing local products, you are supporting local businesses and helping to create a fair and sustainable food economy for Cape Breton Island.