Grow @ Home: Revitalizing Communities


Nicole Dixon wears a lot of hats for the Food Hub! She is a consumer member, a board member, a volunteer and a future producer member. 

In her other work she is the executive director of the Town Farm Co-op in New Waterford. After receiving grant funding, Nicole launched the Grow @ Home program for fixed or low-income families.

How it works:

Seventeen families are enrolled in Grow @ Home. Each received supplies, tools, and seeds to build raised garden beds. Participants are being guided through their first year of growing. Workshops will be offered on topics ranging from fermenting to sour-dough bread. Families receive a one-year membership to the Food Hub and a discount on their first order.

The response so far:

Word-of-mouth led to a higher than expected enrollment and expressions of interest from nearby communities. Nicole feels that this positive response shows the need for programs like this in Cape Breton. Although poor weather has been challenging, this allowed participants to learn about proper growing conditions.

Future goals:

Nicole's vision is to produce value-added items using urban farming and foraging. Part of the profits will be reinvested into educating the community about gardening and preparing foods. True to its' name, the Town Farm Co-op envisions that "the town will be the farm", and all residents will benefit from its bounty.

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