Introducing Home Delivery!

We’ve heard that not everyone can make our 4pm to 6pm pick up window on Thursdays. In an effort to make local food even more convenient and accessible we are partnering with CBEats to test home delivery with an 8 week pilot. If you are a Sydney Hubber you can now get your order delivered right to your door!


Here’s how it works:

1.       Place your Food Hub order as you normally would.

2.       Follow the link in the confirmation email, or click HERE.

3.       Check to make sure your address is on the DELIVERY MAP.

4.       Place an order for delivery using the same name you with which you are signed up with the Food Hub.

5.       Pay CBEats $5+ tax using a credit card

6.       On Thursday, be home between 6pm and 7pm to receive your order.

7.       Tell all your Sydney friends who aren’t Food Hub members to give it a try!

The pilot will run from August 8th to September 26th.