We're Hiring Summer Students!

Are you passionate about the local food movement, creating social change and growing Cape Breton? Are you willing to work hard, make every hour count, and make a real difference this summer? If this sounds like you, please consider applying for one of the available summer student positions with the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op.

The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op is a multi-stakeholder non-profit co-op that uses an on-line marketplace format and a distribution chain to provide the linkage between consumers and businesses that produce food products in our region. To learn more, visit our website: www.capebretonfoodhub.com

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Job Description: The Marketing and Communication Coordinator will be responsible to generate increased awareness through consumer relations, representing the Food Hub at community events and using social media and other technology-based platforms to promote the operation and improve processes.

Marketing Coordinator Job Duties:

·         Work with coordinator to create a marketing plan to increase Food Hub consumer members.

·         Work with partners to create community celebrations to elevate the agriculture sector and the Food Hub’s public profile.

·         Assist with organizing workshops as needed.

·         Written communication for newsletters.

·         Populate social media platforms.

·         Develop leads for a Corporate Sponsorship strategy.

·         Attend tradeshows, agricultural fairs and other events to promote the Food Hub.

·         Other duties as required.


·         Computer skills and proficiency in social media platforms.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Strong time management and organizational skills.

·         Able to work independently.

·         Exceptional people skills.

·         Ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions.

·         Experience and education in marketing or related field strongly preferred.



·         $11/hour for 37.5 hours per week.

·          Total term is 8 weeks.

Please apply to manager@pancapebretonfoodhub.ca, no later than June 14th.




Quality Assurance and Outreach Coordinator

Job Description: The Quality Assurance and Outreach Coordinator will work directly with food producers who supply the Food Hub. This coordinator will provide support both pre-harvest and post-harvest to help producers develop quality assurance protocols to achieve production standards as required by the Food Hub. Training will be provided, but experience in food industries or agriculture an asset.

Quality Assurance and Outreach Coordinator Job Duties:

·         Position will require travel within Cape Breton.

·         Schedule farm visits and follow up support with producers.

·         Support producers with developing product quality and consistency.

·         Train farmers in proper boxing and shipping procedures required by Food Hub.

·         Act as a liaison between producers and the Food Hub.

·         Provide technical support for producers using Food Hub software.

·         Writing producer profiles and providing content for newsletters and social media.

·         Creating an evaluation framework for program.

·         Providing quality assurance monitoring at delivery locations.

·         Other duties as required.


·         Farm or gardening background preferred.

·         Requires manual labour.

·         Must be able to lift 30lbs.

·         Basic computer skills.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Strong time management and organizational skills.

·         Able to work independently.

·         Exceptional people skills.

·         Ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions.

·         Experience and education in Agriculture, logistics or engineering a plus.   


·         $11/hour for 37.5 hours per week.

·         Total Term is 8 weeks.

Please apply to manager@pancapebretonfoodhub.ca, no later than June 14th.

Good Cheer, Food n' Blues!

We are having a Blues Concert and a la carte menu that will feature local food from various Cape Breton Restaurants.

Buck Tingley and the Galaxy 500's are a 4 piece Blues band hailing from Halifax, NS. They play a swinging style of Chicago blues. Great for twintin swinging or sitting back and enjoying a cold brew and a game of crib.

Inverness's own Matthew Fraser Band will be doing an opening set of rockin blues to get us started for the evening.

There will seven (or so) participating restaurants from Cape Breton that will be making up various dishes with local ingredients supplied by the Cape Breton Food Hub. 

Tickets are $20, $10 Students
Food is $10/plate
Each plate is one restaurant item with bread.
Ticket are available at Front Porch Farm

Proceeds from the event will go to the Cape Breton Food Hub.

Bite House - Seafood Chowder
Telegraph House - Crab Cakes & spring Greens
Little Rolling Bistro- Moroccan Vegetable Stew
Markland Resort - Lamb Curry
Periwinkle Cafe - Hearty vegetable salad (vegan)
Mermaid Mobile CB- Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese
Doug's Deli - Famous Beef Chilli
Celtic Country Market- Bread & Rolls

Ingredients from:
Blue Heron Farm - Gardiner Mines
Front Porch Farm - Margaree Forks
Glenryan Farm - South West Margaree
Katherine Farm - Roberta
North River Organics - North River
Rural Roots Farm - Margaree Forks
Thyme For Ewe Farm - Millville
Victoria Co-operative Fisheries - Neil's Harbour

Come Volunteer with Us!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Please complete a volunteer application or email admin@pancapebretonfoodhub.ca and we'll get right back to you! 

We are having a Volunteer Orientation & Training for new and returning distribution hub volunteers on May 29th in Sydney. Meet fellow volunteers and receive training in all the great things volunteers do on pick-up days. If you would like to volunteer in Richmond, Victoria or Inverness, we will be holding a training closer to you, so you don't have to make the trip.  We'll keep you posted!

The Backyard Scoop Issue 53: April 2018

Producer Gathering

On April 14th the Food Hub held a producer gathering at Blue Heron Farm for new and experienced producers. About 20 producers representing a dozen food businesses across Cape Breton gathered to discuss the coming year and tour the farm. 

The event was made extra delicious by our friends at The Mermaid who donated big fat cinnamon rolls, our dear friend and former board member Brett at Celtic Country Market who brought amazing squares, and Monique at Blue Heron who made us some gluten-free brownies to die for!

The next Food Hub producer tour will be held on May 27th at Pebble and Fern farm in Little Anse. Watch for details.

More from the Backyard Scoop...

 Julie, Maddy, Violet and Susie from Wild Willow Farm and Peter from Front Porch Farm tour Blue Heron Farm with Len

Julie, Maddy, Violet and Susie from Wild Willow Farm and Peter from Front Porch Farm tour Blue Heron Farm with Len

We're Hiring!

Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op

Office Administrator Job Description


Overview: The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op is an emerging non-profit organization that creates a linkage between food producers and consumers in Cape Breton by providing an on-line marketplace.

Our Vision: A healthy food economy that supports a growing diversity of producers on the land and the sea on Cape Breton Island.

Our Mission: The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-operative Ltd. will provide the leadership to ensure a responsive, efficient distribution linkage between local food producers and consumers at all levels. This will create a more sustainable food system and will increase the number of producers and their profitability and viability while improving access to high quality local food across the region.

Responsibilities: The Office Administrator will provide administrative supports to ensure that the Food Hub operations and staff are supported adequately. This position will require a high degree of organization and the ability to work on numerous tasks involving communication, day-to-day operations, filing and record keeping, basic bookkeeping, logistics, coordinating personnel, etc.

 Additional responsibilities include:

·         Maintaining excellent communication with co-op members, the general public, staff and volunteers.

·         Provide support to consumer members, volunteers and staff.

·         Quality control reports and procedures.

·         Basic work with software ordering management system.

·         Day-to-day office tasks such as filing, organizing tasks, meetings and calendars for senior staff, record-keeping, etc.

·         Basic bookkeeping, invoicing, accounts payable, payroll.

·         Writing as required for media releases, advertising and newsletters.

·         Ensuring that procedures are being followed in operations.

·         Training volunteers and new staff in operational procedures.

·         Special projects and events organizing as needed.

·         Some travel required.

·         Other duties as required.

Qualifications Required:

·         Over 5 years experience in office administration.

·         Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and Power Point and Google Docs.

·         Basic Proficiency in on-line software applications, email and mailing software such as MailChimp.

·         Demonstrated passion for and understanding of the local food economy.

·         Basic Bookkeeping skills.

·         Experience managing volunteers and staff.

·         Experience working in the non-profit sector.

·         Exceptional ability to organize and multi-task.

·         Exceptional problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills.

·         Reliable transportation required.

·         Training in specific areas will be provided.

Location: One day per week in Baddeck office, other days in Sydney office.

Compensation: $16 per hour, 20 hours per week start to May 1st, 37.5 hours per week May 1st to December 31st, 2018. Free Food Hub Membership provided, fun work environment and opportunities for professional development.

Please Submit your resume by March 27th, 2018 to manager@pancapebretonfoodhub.ca. Only candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

How do you Food Hub? Summer Photo Contest

We all love ordering fresh & local ingredients from the Food Hub, but how do you use them when you get home? Between July 1st and July 28th, if you make a meal using Food Hub ingredients that looks and tastes great, we want you to snap a photo for our contest! Take your pictures and share on social media. Spread the word about delicious local food!

Here’s how to enter:
Facebook: Share photo using #mycbfoodhub and tag us @cbfoodhub
Instagram: Share photo using #mycbfoodhub and tag us @capebretonfoodhub
Twitter: Share photo using #mycbfoodhub and tag us @cblocalfoodhub
Email: Send photo to

Each photo counts as one entry into the contest, but feel free to share on all your social media accounts!

The winner will receive a $25 credit toward your purchase at the Food Hub.

Happy Eating!