Cabot Trail Food Truck Rally!

Hit the road this Fall and enjoy some great eats along the way! We are organizing the very first Cabot Trail Food Truck Rally in partnership with Destination Cape Breton and Cape Breton Highlands National Park on October 26th and 26th!

This event will feature food trucks and other vendors from across Cape Breton Island serving a delicious variety of offerings using fresh, local ingredients. The food trucks and vendors will be placed at convenient locations around the Cabot Trail, with an average drive of 20 to 30 minutes between each one to allow participants to digest their food in between stops. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a bite, take a hike, and enjoy the spectacular fall colours.

The weekend will also feature an opening concert event on Friday night at 7 PM at one of our restaurant members, Periwinkle Café in Ingonish and a closing party at 2 PM on Sunday at Big Spruce Brewing in Nyanza.

A complete list of food trucks and vendors as well as a schedule of events is available on the event website.

We are also looking for volunteers for this event. Please fill out this form to let us know you are available.

Introducing Home Delivery!

We’ve heard that not everyone can make our 4pm to 6pm pick up window on Thursdays. In an effort to make local food even more convenient and accessible we are partnering with CBEats to test home delivery with an 8 week pilot. If you are a Sydney Hubber you can now get your order delivered right to your door!


Here’s how it works:

1.       Place your Food Hub order as you normally would.

2.       Follow the link in the confirmation email, or click HERE.

3.       Check to make sure your address is on the DELIVERY MAP.

4.       Place an order for delivery using the same name you with which you are signed up with the Food Hub.

5.       Pay CBEats $5+ tax using a credit card

6.       On Thursday, be home between 6pm and 7pm to receive your order.

7.       Tell all your Sydney friends who aren’t Food Hub members to give it a try!

The pilot will run from August 8th to September 26th.


Singing Pebbles Handmade Mug Fundraiser

Recently, one of our board members thought of the idea to sell Food Hub mugs as a way to raise money for our co-op. As soon as she heard about the idea, Jitka of Singing Pebbles Pottery jumped in to offer up 30 mugs to the Food hub as a donation. She personalized them with the leaf from our logo and wrote, "Cape Breton Food Hub", on the bottom of each one. Each one is very special and unique! They all fit in the hand differently so we will be selling them at a pop-up market at Selkies Neighbourhood Diner on July 13th,10AM until 2 PM.

If you would really like to have one and are not going to get to Selkies that day, please email and we will try our best to find you the one you will like best. The cost of each mug is $45 plus tax.


We are Hiring!

The Food Hub has 3 positions open for the 2019 year: An Assistant Manager position and 2 student positions. Details as follows:

Apply to or call 902-577-3260 with questions.

Title:  Assistant Manager

Overview: The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op is an emerging non-profit organization that creates a linkage between food producers and consumers in Cape Breton by providing an on-line marketplace.

Our Vision: A healthy food economy that supports a growing diversity of producers and consumers on Cape Breton Island.  

Our Mission: The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op Ltd. provides a distribution linkage between local food producers and consumers, creating a more sustainable food system by increasing the viability of local producers while improving access to high quality local food.

Job Description:  The Assistant Manager will assist the Executive Director with planning and implementing the strategies and practices of the operation, and will be involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the Food Hub. This person should be passionate about the local food system and working in the non-profit sector.  This position is ideal for someone who wants to learn more about working in this area, and hopes to manage a non-profit in their future. Training will be provided.

Assistant Manager Job Duties:

·         Assist with all day-to-day Food Hub operations.

·         Assist with basic bookkeeping, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

·         Manage basic payroll and payroll remittances.

·         Helping to train volunteers and staff and coordinate volunteer schedules.

·         Supervising staff and volunteers.

·         Assisting with grant writing and fundraising, including events.

·         Providing on-site support during distribution days.

·         Working with quality assurance protocols and conducting documentation.


The ideal candidate will have:

·         An education and/or background in business /management or a related field.

·         Must demonstrate flexibility, and the ability to think outside of the box in a fast-paced environment.

·         Must demonstrate a diverse range of skill sets.

·         Exceptional people skills.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Strong time management and organizational skills.

·         Able to work independently.

·         Ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions.

·         Candidates should be Start eligible. Program details here. (Not necessary)



·         $18 per hour plus 4% vacation pay for 37.5 hours per week.

·         Must be willing to work flexible hours.

·         Must be able to travel within Cape Breton.

Student Positions:

Description: Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Job Description: The Marketing and Communication Coordinator will be responsible to generate increased awareness about the Food Hub through consumer relations, representing the Food Hub at community events and using social media and other technology-based platforms to promote the operation. Training will be provided.

Job Duties:

·         Work with management to create a marketing plan to increase Food Hub consumer members and engage existing members.

·         Work with partners to create community celebrations to elevate the agriculture sector and the Food Hub’s public profile.

·         Assist with organizing workshops as needed.

·         Written communication for newsletters, etc.

·         Populate social media platforms, including photo and video posts.

·         Attend tradeshows, agricultural fairs and other events to promote the Food Hub.

·         Work with management to evaluate and develop communication strategies, documents and other materials for both internal and external uses.

·         Be available to assist with on-site distribution once per week and gather photographs and data to create marketing materials.

·         Other duties as required.


·         Computer skills and proficiency in social media platforms.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Strong time management and organizational skills.

·         Must be able to lift 30 lbs.

·         Able to work independently.

·         Exceptional people skills.

·         Ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions.

·         Experience and education in marketing or related field strongly preferred.



·         $11.55 per hour plus 4% vacation pay for 37.5 hours per week.

·         Starting July 2nd – 8 weeks.  


Description: Volunteer and Training Coordinator

Job Description: The Volunteer and Training Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling, recruiting and training volunteers and will also assist in training of new producer members. Training will be provided.

  Job Duties:

·         Position will require travel within Cape Breton.

·         Evaluation and revision of recruiting and training documents for volunteers.

·         Create and maintain monthly volunteer schedules using database software.

·         Engage in volunteer recruitment through various platforms including social media, newsletters, events, etc.

·         Administer group and individual training programs for volunteers.

·         Oversee volunteer communications and concerns.

·          Be available to assist with on-site distribution one day per week and oversee volunteers.

·         Providing quality assurance monitoring of products and service at delivery locations.

·         Submit quality assurance reports.

·         Support producers with developing product quality and consistency.

·         Train farmers in proper boxing and shipping procedures required by Food Hub.

·         Provide technical support for producers using Food Hub software.

·         Provide content for newsletters and social media posts.

·         Other duties as required.


·         Must be able to lift 30lbs.

·         Basic computer skills.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Strong time management and organizational skills.

·         Able to work independently.

·         Exceptional people skills.

·         Ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions.


·         $11.55 per hour plus 4% vacation pay for 37.5 hours per week.

·         Starting July 2nd – 8 weeks

Introducing a New Food Sector Strategy


The purpose of this strategy is to outline the challenges and obstacles facing local food businesses and the entire sector, and to identify the opportunities and potential solutions that will allow them to grow.

In a world of rapidly-evolving food technologies and trends, Cape Breton food businesses must keep pace in order to stay relevant and in an effort to ensure their businesses are viable over the long-term.

The local food sector is diverse and has plenty of room for growth, both in terms of export potential, and import replacement through increased consumption of local food by Cape Breton consumers, restaurants, institutions and retailers. Working in conjunction with partners and food industry stakeholders, the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op represents food businesses of all kinds across the island. In operation for four years, the Food Hub has grown each year and is representative of the potential of the industry on the island when partners work together.

To read more click here.

Featured Recipes using Sausage

 Italian Sausage with Peppers & Onions

sausage pic 1.jpg



  • 6 (4 ounce) links Italian sausage
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 yellow onion, sliced
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 large red bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 green bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon fresh basil
  • 1 tablespoon fresh oregano
  • 1/4 cup white wine


  1. Place the sausage in a large skillet over medium heat, and brown on all sides. Remove from skillet, and slice.
  2. Melt butter in the skillet. Stir in the yellow onion, red onion, and garlic, and cook 2 to 3 minutes. Mix in red bell pepper and green bell pepper. Season with basil, and oregano. Stir in white wine. Continue to cook and stir until peppers and onions are tender.
  3. Return sausage slices to skillet with the vegetables. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer 15 minutes, or until sausage is heated through.


Wisconsin Bratwurst

sausage pic 2.jpg


  • 2 pounds fresh bratwurst sausages
  • 2 onions, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup butter
  • 6 (12 fluid ounce) cans or bottles beer
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground black pepper
  • 10 hoagie rolls


  1. Prick bratwurst with fork to prevent them from exploding as they cook. Place in a large stock pot with the onions, butter, and beer. Place pot over medium heat, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Preheat grill for medium-high heat.
  3. Lightly oil grate. Cook bratwurst on preheated grill for 10 to 14 minutes, turning occasionally to brown evenly. Serve hot off the grill with onions on hoagie rolls.


We're Hiring!

Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op

Office Administrator Job Description


Overview: The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op is an emerging non-profit organization that creates a linkage between food producers and consumers in Cape Breton by providing an on-line marketplace.

Our Vision: A healthy food economy that supports a growing diversity of producers and consumers on Cape Breton Island.  

Our Mission: The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op Ltd. provides a distribution linkage between local food producers and consumers, creating a more sustainable food system by increasing the viability of local producers while improving access to high quality local food.

Responsibilities: The Office Administrator will provide administrative supports to ensure that the Food Hub operations and staff are supported adequately. This position will require a high degree of organization and the ability to work on numerous tasks.

 Duties include:

·         Maintaining excellent communication with co-op members, the general public, staff and volunteers.

·         Provide support to consumer members, volunteers and staff.

·         Basic work with software including ordering management system, and quality control reports.

·         Day-to-day office tasks such as filing, organizing, record-keeping, paperwork, etc.

·         Basic bookkeeping: invoicing, accounts payable/receivable, etc.

·         Assisting with data for media releases, advertising and newsletters.

·         Some travel required.

·         Other duties as required.

Qualifications Required:

·         Over 2 years experience in office administration.

·         Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and Power Point and Google Docs.

·         Basic Bookkeeping skills.

·         Basic Proficiency in on-line software applications, email and mailing software such as MailChimp.

·         Demonstrated passion for and understanding of the local food economy.

·         Experience working in the non-profit or startup sector.

·         Exceptional ability to organize and multi-task.

·         Reliable transportation required.

·         Training in specific areas will be provided.

Location: One day per week in Baddeck office, other days in CBRM office.

Compensation: $16 per hour, 25 hours per week.  Free Food Hub Membership provided.

Please Submit your resume by August 20th, 2018 to Only candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

Grow @ Home: Revitalizing Communities


Nicole Dixon wears a lot of hats for the Food Hub! She is a consumer member, a board member, a volunteer and a future producer member. 

In her other work she is the executive director of the Town Farm Co-op in New Waterford. After receiving grant funding, Nicole launched the Grow @ Home program for fixed or low-income families.

How it works:

Seventeen families are enrolled in Grow @ Home. Each received supplies, tools, and seeds to build raised garden beds. Participants are being guided through their first year of growing. Workshops will be offered on topics ranging from fermenting to sour-dough bread. Families receive a one-year membership to the Food Hub and a discount on their first order.

The response so far:

Word-of-mouth led to a higher than expected enrollment and expressions of interest from nearby communities. Nicole feels that this positive response shows the need for programs like this in Cape Breton. Although poor weather has been challenging, this allowed participants to learn about proper growing conditions.

Future goals:

Nicole's vision is to produce value-added items using urban farming and foraging. Part of the profits will be reinvested into educating the community about gardening and preparing foods. True to its' name, the Town Farm Co-op envisions that "the town will be the farm", and all residents will benefit from its bounty.

Read More from Our July Newsletter...


Draft Amended By-Laws 2018







1. NAME: The name of the association is the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-operative Ltd.


2. OBJECTIVES: The objectives for which the co-operative is established are to carry on

on a co-operative basis:


To increase production and sales of locally produced food products.

Support environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices in our area.

Strengthen local food security and rural sustainability.

Encourage local production of a diverse range of food products.


including the acts and things set forth under Section 16 of the Co-operative Associations



PROVIDED THAT, if for any reason, the operations of the Co-operative are terminated

or wound up or are dissolved and there remains at that time, after satisfaction of all its

debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall be given and paid to some

other nonprofit organization in Canada having objects similar to those of the



PROVIDED THAT, the Co-operative shall be carried on without purpose of gain to the

members, and that any surplus, or any accretions of the Co-operative shall be used

solely for the purpose of the Co-operative, and the promotion of its objects.


PROVIDED THAT, no part of the income of the Co-operative shall be payable to or

otherwise available for the personal benefit of any member thereof.


PROVIDED THAT, the Directors and Officers who are Directors shall serve as such

without remuneration and shall not receive directly or indirectly any profit from their

positions as such:


PROVIDED THAT, a Director or Officer who is a Director may be paid reasonable

expenses incurred by him/her in the performance of his/her duties.


3. LIABILITY: The liability of the members is limited.




(a) The registered Office of the Co-operative shall be

            516 Chebucto Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia, B0E 1B0

(street/911 address and postal code)


The mailing address if different shall be

            PO Box 849, Baddeck, Nova Scotia, B0E 1B0

(PO Box or other mailing address and postal code)


Telephone: (902) 577-3260 Fax: (902) Email:


(b) The board may from time to time determine the place or places at which the

business of the co-operative shall be carried on.


5. THE SEAL: The seal of the Co-operative shall be such as to make a circular impression

having two circles between which are the words:

"Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-operative Ltd. "

(co-operative’s name)

and inside the inner circle the words, "Incorporated 2015 "


6. FINANCIAL YEAR: the financial year of the co-operative shall be the first day of

January to the last day of December.

(month) (month)


7. WITHDRAWALS: Members' applications to withdraw their membership shall

be made in writing to the board and shall be subject to a policy of the board of directors.


8. MEMBERSHIP: The Board shall determine the conditions of membership including the

requirements to pay equity in the form of fees or shares. Members shall withdraw or be

excluded from membership according to Section 29 and Regulations 4 and 6 of the

Co-operative Associations Act, and also if a member acts contrary to the best interests

of the Co-operative.


Types of Membership in the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-operative Ltd.:

·         Producer Member – An individual or business that sells food through the co-operative.

·         Consumer Member – An individual who purchases food through the co-operative.

·         Restaurant Member – A restaurant who purchases food through the co-operative for use at their business.

·         Retail Member – A retail establishment that purchases food through the co-operative for resale.

·         Organizational Member – An individual representing supporting organizations or local government.



(a) The annual meeting of the members shall be held within four months of the yearend.

Special meetings shall be held when called by the secretary as directed by the

directors, or by a written request of the members as per Section 5(2) or Regulation

17 of the Co-operative Associations Act. All meetings shall be at such place as the

directors or the Inspector may from time to time determine.


(b) A quorum of 25 members shall constitute a quorum at any annual general meeting or special membership meeting.  


(c) Notice of annual or special meetings shall be sent via email or mailed by post to members at least ten days prior to the meeting.




(a)  The board of directors shall consist of no less than five (5) directors and no more than ten (10) directors who shall be elected for a term of two (2) years and arranged so that no more than six (6) are elected each year. The maximum number of consecutive terms a director may serve is three (3).


                                  i.    The board of directors shall include a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) Consumer Members.


                                ii.    The board of directors shall include a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) Producer Members.

                               iii.    The board of directors shall include a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) Restaurant Members, Institutions or Retail Members.


                               iv.    At the annual general meeting the board will have the authority to appoint up to two (2) ex-officio non-voting members to serve on the board of directors for a two (2) year term. To be voting members of the board, they must be current members of the co-operative and be elected by the members.



(b) The directors shall meet as often as the business of the Co-operative may require

but not less than once per quarter.


A quorum shall consist of 40% of directors.


(c) If a vacancy occurs in the board of directors, the directors may appoint a member to

fill that vacancy until the next annual meeting when the members shall hold an election to complete the term of vacancy.


(d) Eligibility for election to the board of directors:

1. agrees with objectives of the cooperative;

2. accepts leadership position when requested;

3. supports the Co-operative wherever possible.

4. Is a member of the organization.

5. Willing to commit to contributing to the work of the co-op monthly.



(e) Dismissal of board member:

            1. If a member of the board is no longer able to perform their duties as a board member or they no longer meet the qualifications for being a director, they can be removed as described in Section 33(5) of the co-operative associations act.  



11. DUTIES OF OFFICERS: The board may appoint a president, secretary and other

officers who are responsible to the board. Their duties shall be specified by the board.




The membership fee is fifty dollars ($50.00), this is an annual fee. The membership fee is not refundable.


(b) Member loans may be issued. Interest rates shall be determined by the board of

directors, but shall not exceed 6% per annum.


(c) A general reserve shall be created by allocating 100% of the surplus each year to this purpose.





(a) The Co-operative is hereby authorized to borrow money from its members for specific

periods of time at specific rates of interest.


(b) The Co-operative is authorized to exercise all and every power to borrow money and to

secure payment thereof which is conferred upon it by the Nova Scotia Co-operative

Association Act, Chapter 98, Acts of 1989.


(c) The directors of the Co-operative may exercise all such powers and to all such acts and

things as may be exercised or done by the co-operative in respect of the borrowing of

money, and the provision of security for such borrowing, as has been delegated to the

directors by the co-operative.


(d) The directors of the Co-operative shall not, on behalf of the co-operative, authorize or

approve capital borrowings or the guarantee of capital borrowings in excess of a total of

Twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000 ) in a single fiscal year without having first obtained formal approval from a meeting of the members of the Co-operative by way of a special resolution.


14. CORPORATE INDEMNIFICATION: subject to the provisions of the (N.S.) Co-operative

Associations Act, every director and senior officer or his/her heirs, executors and

administrators, and estate and effects, respectively, shall at all times be indemnified and

saved harmless out of the funds of the Co-operative, from and against:


(a) all costs, charges and expenses whatever that such director or officer sustains or incurs

in or out of any action, suit or proceeding that is brought, commended or prosecuted

against the director or officer, for or in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing

whatever, made, done or permitted by the director or officer in or about the execution of

the duties of his/her office, and


(b) all other costs, charges and expenses that the director or officer sustains or incurs in or about or in relation to the affairs thereof.